Monument of the Future in Nowa Huta

On 7 June at 17:00, during the Grolsch ArtBoom Festival, a prototype of the Fountain of the Future was installed at Plac Centralny square by Małgorzata Szydłowska and Bartosz Szydłowski. The sculpture integrates various elements that represent essential aspects of Nowa Huta, encouraging the passers-by to reflec on the district's prestent-day identity.

Bartosz Szydłowski:

Ever since the subject was first adressed in the media I was having doubts whether the right narrative is being activated. It was just boring. The usual stock phrases repeated again and again. And all those speaches to the effect that Nowa Huta is by no means worse than the city centre and deserves its own fountain I consider to be the evidence of lack of originality and proof that as a district we still suffer from inferiority complex. In my view these dreams of showy architecture  sooner or later become pretexts for caricature. So in what ways should a Nowa Huta fountain differ from all other fountains?

Builting a prototype of the Fountain of the Future I had in mind various elements that I came across during years of my taking interest in the district. What I propose is a reworking of countless opinions as well as a chance to create a landmark, something bold, original and free. For our district is not grey and dull. The happenings that preceeded the realisation of the project clearly show that the inhabitants of Nowa Huta have a wonderful sense of humour.

Through this project I hoped to initiate an open discussion, to encourage everyone to express their opinion. I hope that the project will go beyond its sheer functionality as a fountain and influence our attitudes towards our past and its symbols.

The project uses a replica of a sculpture by Marian Konieczny with the artist's consent.

Look for it in the neighbourhood of Łaźnia Nowa theatre.