The Emigrants open the new season at Łaźnia Nowa!

Łaźnia Nowa theatre welcomes its audience in the new theatrical season and we are delighted to announce that the opening performance after the summer break will be our viewers' favourite – The Emigrants. Four years after its premiere, Janiczak and Rubin's show is still played to a full house.

The artists initiate a stage meeting between a professional actor and an amateur, who play the two title roles. But at some point during the performance, AA and XX swap their lines, which illustrate their social biographies... Is this gesture of role exchange enough to erase the sense of social claustrophobia that traps us in the vicious circle of social divisions rooted in the former political system? Thanks to the originally but tastefully arranged space, the audience are not merely viewers but rather participants of the staged conflict. The conflict which, even though decades have passed, has never been resolved.

Performances on 21 and 22 September at 19:00.